Let's revolutionize how B2B companies get paid

Upflow is building a new kind of financial platform for B2B businesses that helps them streamline exchanges of data, messages and payments.

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What we do

Getting paid on time represents a significant problem for B2B companies. Unlike the consumer space, where paying or getting paid is as simple as two taps, B2B payments remain archaic.

We're on a mission to fix this, and bring delightful B2C experiences to B2B finance teams in the process.

Who we are?

We're a tight-knit, passionate and value driven company.
These values drive who we hire and how we work on a day to day basis.

We Build

We push forward. We're here to provide the economy with a better future with a combination of technology and innovation. We don't just accept things because they've always been done that way.

We're Smart

Building stuff is cool, but building without a good plan is the best way to fail. We relentlessly question how things are done and how they could be improve. And adjust the way we do things.

We Care

We care not only for our users, but also for the world around us. We care for our teammates. And we always put we before me in the decision making process.

We're Honest

We seek goodness, we never lie to anyone. We work in an environment that encourages and values feedback. We're driven by long term impact and not short term gain.

Hear from our team

“We’re lucky enough to work with passionate people in a multicultural environment.”

Success, Paris
Hear from our team

“Upflow's leadership has created a powerful culture of transparency and mutual respect. Everyone is open about their ideas, goals and criticisms, which drives everyone to be the best version of themselves.”

Sales, New-York
Hear from our team

“Upflow has a great multicultural team with a bold vision. They help you thrive to reach your full potential.”

Product, Nantes
Hear from our team

“Working at Upflow is a unique opportunity, it feels great to be surrounded by a smart and caring team who believe so strongly in the company vision”

Marketing, Paris

Our team is growing

We are looking for talented people to join us on our mission.

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Open positions

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