Better payments for your business

Upflow is a simple, smart, and unified platform powering better receivables for B2B businesses like yours.

Dunning plans, automatic reconciliation, and real-time view of your financial performance: Upflow puts your finance, sales, and executive teams in control of your business's financial health.

Get paid on time, every time

Simple workflows

Take control of your order-to-cash cycle from invoice to payment: adapt your dunning plan to your clients and assign each step of your order to cash cycle to your team. Streamline your dunning process, with Upflow.

Smart automation

Automatically remind your team to take action on overdue payments. Automatically reconcile incoming payments and issued invoices. Automatically gain visibility on your performance on all your accounts. With Upflow, getting paid on time is fast and easy.

Unified view

All of your accounts, all of your payments, all of your teammates. Upflow is a single platform to empower finance, sales, and executive teams to gather insights and act together towards healthier company finances. Visualize and act on your cash flow in real-time, with Upflow.

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Upflow is a simple, smart & unified platform powering better receivables for B2B businesses like yours.