Our mission is to revolutionise how B2B businesses get paid

At Upflow, we're building a simple, smart, and unified platform for traditional B2B businesses to get paid faster and easier.

The order-to-cash cycle for traditional B2B businesses in Europe is broken. Companies have hundreds of pending invoices, daily manual tasks with no added value, and no adequate tools to track, follow-up, and resolve overdue payments. And, what's worse, customers are expected to navigate complex streams of information and perform tedious manual inputs for each individual payment.

At Upflow, we're building a simple, smart, and unified platform for traditional B2B businesses to get paid faster and easier.

Building a better way

We believe technology can help companies become more efficient, make better decisions, stabilise cash flow, and boost growth.

Today, we empower companies to regain control of their accounts receivable and gather actionable insights on their incoming payments, in real-time. Tomorrow, we want to be at the forefront of finding new and adaptable ways for B2B companies to manage their payments.

Bringing our vision to life

We are creating a payment platform dedicated to serving traditional B2B businesses with the best that technology and banking has to offer.


We believe payment data should be accurate, available in real-time, and shared across finance, sales, and management teams.

We strive to automate tedious manual tasks, design new and improved workflows, and enhance collaboration.


We believe payments lie at the heart of operational excellence.

We are integrating Upflow with existing solutions, up and down the value chain: invoicing, CRM, accounting, ERP, and more.


We believe B2B payments should adapt to the company, not the other way around.

We provide a better way to manage standard wire transfers for companies that wish to get paid that way. And are designing new payment solutions for companies who will benefit from it, bringing direct debit, credit card payment, and payment initiation services to B2B businesses.


We believe dynamic, real-time financial data, and access to cashflows should be the basis of many other services of great value for those businesses.
We will leverage payment data gathered through the platform to create what banks should have done a long time ago: providing our customers with a simple access to vital financial services and the financing they need.


Join the movement

Upflow launched in 2018. Headquartered in Paris, our team of 15 is rapidly growing. Help us build the payment platform of the future, work with us: