Caterers, Shipping Providers, Distributors

Get paid on time by managing your invoices more efficiently

B2B suppliers generate a large quantity of invoices. Reconciliating payments received with sent invoices is time consuming and diverts your team from creating value for your customers.

Upflow lets your team take control of accounts receivable with automated reconciliation and a real-time view of how much each of your customers owes you so you know when to take action.

Get paid on time, every time

Systematically follow up on unpaid invoices

With Upflow, keep track of all your invoices and set your dunning on auto-pilot. With automated reconciliation, every invoice is tracked and runs through a custom sequence that best matches your customers' needs to get paid faster.

Track outstanding payments for each of your clients

By checking your clients' outstanding payments before accepting a new orders, Upflow enables suppliers to stop serving customers that aren't paying.

Monitor your financial KPIs in real-time

DSO, aging balance reports, accounts receivable: Upflow generates a real-time view of your business' financial health and enables your finance and operational teams to work together and meet their goals.


Managing accounts receivable was a challenge, and we didn't always have time to chase down each and every unpaid invoice. Since adopting Upflow, we're able to track our customer exposure more efficiently and real time. Within a few months, we've reduced our creditors' debt and we know exactly which clients owe us and how much, which enables us to build better business relationships.

Briac Lescure
Cofounder at Popchef

Set up your account in minutes and keep your existing tools.

Goodbye excel sheets.

Hello to timely, predictable payments

Upflow is a simple, smart & unified platform powering better receivables for B2B businesses like yours.