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Upflow for Finance Teams

  • Save time managing receivables
  • Optimize your dunning process
  • Collaborate with colleagues

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Save time managing receivables

With Upflow, all of your invoices are in the same place and their status is kept up-to-date in real-time. Need to find out who paid and how much? Forget opening your company bank account, Upflow handles the full cash collection cycle and notifies you of unpaid invoices.

Optimise your dunning process

With Upflow, create dunning plans tailored to your organisation and to your clients' needs. Each step of the sequence will be automatically reminded to the person in charge until payment is received. Once the payment comes through, Upflow immediately reconciles it with existing invoices and marks all upcoming reminders as complete.

Collaborate with colleagues

Dunning is a team effort. With Upflow, you can assign specific steps of your dunning plan to different team members to synchronise your efforts and get paid faster. Get your whole organisation involved in making sure your clients are paying on time!


As group finance manager, I am responsible for overseeing Adikteev's cash flow. With Upflow, our finance team not only has access to all information in real time, but can now spend less time on manual and repetitive tasks. We've also used upflow to create automated customer dunning workflows. And on that project, we're collaborating with the operational team in order to involve the right person at the right time during the dunning process.

Julien Madec
Group Finance Manager at Adikteev

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