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Upflow for Sales Teams

  • Follow up on billing
  • Manage credit exposure
  • Dunning on auto-pilot

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Follow up on billing

With Upflow, account executives can stay on top of their clients and know if they've been billed, whether they've paid, and who's in charge of the next step. Get notified instantly of unpaid invoices and unexpected issues to take control of your cash collection.


Manage credit exposure

With Upflow, every sales rep can review the status of the invoices they've sent out, especially late or contested invoices. Whatever the next step may be, take it with all the information at your disposal.


Dunning on auto-pilot

Dunning is a team effort. With Upflow, sales teams can coordinate their actions between them and the finance team to get paid faster and refocus their efforts on new sales.



Managing client receivables was a challenge, and we didn't always have time to chase down each and every unpaid invoice. Since adopting Upflow, we're able to track our client receivables more efficiently. Within a few months, we've reduced our creditors' debt and we know exactly which clients owe us and how much, which enables us to build better business relationships.

Briac Lescure
Founder at Popchef

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