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Take the hassle out of paying invoices. Centralize accounts payable with Upflow to get better visibility, easy accounting updates and robust approval processes.

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Automatic accounting updates

Automatically extract correct information from your bills and keep your general ledger up to date.

As easy as email

Just forward the bill to us, we'll take care of the rest

Native integrations

Our real-time two-way sync with your accounting tool keeps everything up to date

Implement a robust approval process

Make sure that bills are approved by the right person in a timely fashion using our approval flow.

Nominate the right approver

Mark bills for approval by the purchaser or the payer. Keep the right people in the loop

Fine grained access control

Set up roles and permissions to decide who is allowed to pay and approve

Efficient payments system

Stop paying invoices one by one, with Upflow schedule payments when you want, all at once.

Pay how you want

We integrate directly with your bank account and trigger the payments you want

Let your vendors decide

Get your vendors to fill out missing payment information directly from our vendor page

Understand what you’re paying

Use our analytics to break down what your paying by buyer, or by type of purchase. And forecast your outgoings.


Know what you will pay, when you should pay and how much you'll have at the end of the month.


By category, buyer or team. Know where you're spending money.

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Sneh Dadlani

Upflow had drastic impact on our cash collection strategy at Front and makes it easy to reach all our customers, whether it's SMB or Enterprise customers!

Sneh Dadlani, Controller @ Front

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