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Streamline your Accounts Receivables with Upflow

Accounts Receivables Software for teams. Get paid faster, easier.

Get paid on schedule.

Reduce your DSO in a few clicks. Cut down on late customer payments.

Gain time

No more redundant and manual collection processes. Optimize your time and focus on strategy.

Improve your A/R knowledge

Have access to real-time data with our extensive dashboards. Improve your financial management with reliable numbers.

Functionalities and Benefits

Upflow offers many different features from cash forecasting to automated workflows.

Features and benefits

Streamline your Receivables Management

No more time-consuming invoice chasing. Upflow offers customized and automated workflows that managed your collection for you. Choose the right template for the right customer and increase profitability.

Key features

  • Analytics on key A/R metrics
  • Automated worfklows
  • Payment Portals

Lower your DSO

DSO - or day sales outstanding - is a critical metric for financial reporting. It helps business owners and finance teams understand how long it takes them to get paid. With Upflow, you'll have clear insights on your DSO and take action to increase your cash-flow.

Optimize your time

Free your schedule for important tasks like planning your growth instead of chasing customer invoices. Our receivable solution sends out personalized payment reminders for you.

Access reliable data

Get real-time visibility on key metrics with our A/R dashboards. They will help you make the right decision at the right moment regarding customer accounts, especially if you're a small business without extensive analytics in your ERP.

Empower teams through collaboration

We think collection management is easier when the finance team isn't the only one involved. Sales teams for example, usually have history and closer contact with clients. That's why our pricing isn't based on the number of users and we offer unlimited user access. Improve communication to get paid!

Improve the payment experience

Keep payment simple for customers with our customer portals. It offers different payment options like credit card, ACH or wire transfers. Thanks to our payment processing partners, online payments are quick and easy.

Key features

  • Credit or debit card
  • Ach-Payment, or Direct Debit
  • Wiretransfer

Lower your DSO

Implement customized automated email workflows to collect payment.

Gain Time

Fewer time-consuming tasks and more strategic planning.

Access reliable data

Gain visibility with our detailed dashboards and key A/R metrics.

Empower your teams

Involve the business team and make your departments communicate better.

Improve customer experience

Make payment simple for your customers with different payment options.

Setup Upflow in a few clicks

We connect easily with your current accounting software.

Our customers are happy, and so are we!

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Instantly integrate our software with your accounting system

Upflow seamlessly connects with your current billing tool. We integrate directly with accounting solutions like Quickbooks, Netsuite, or Xero. We can also help you set up specific APIs to join your ERP system.

Oracle Netsuite

Dive into Upflow

Have a look at the features we developed to smoothen up your processes

Invoice Collection

Our customized and automated workflows send payment reminders to your customers. Forget about manual processes!

A/R key metrics

Get live data to analyze your A/R with our extensive dashboards.

Effortless payment

Our solution offers several payment methods and improves the payment experience for your customer.

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