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Alex, CEO, on Behind Company Lines [Podcast]

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Kelly Percillier

Nov 9, 2022

Our co-founder & CEO, Alex Louisy, was Julian Torres’ guest on “Behind Company Lines” to discuss entrepreneurship and payments. This insightful episode delves into the journey of building Upflow, a platform that revolutionizes the way B2B companies manage their payments and cash collection.

Listen to the episode here 🔗

00:00 — Alex’s inspiration and feelings when starting the company: Discover what motivated Alex to start Upflow and the emotions he experienced during the early days of founding the company. He shares his vision and the initial challenges he faced, providing a personal glimpse into the entrepreneurial journey.

07:20 — Upflow’s customer discovery process: Alex explains how Upflow identified and understood the needs of its customers. This segment highlights the importance of customer feedback in shaping the product and ensuring it meets the market demands.

12:00 — Common pains B2B companies experience when collecting cash: Learn about the typical issues B2B companies face with cash collection. Alex discusses the inefficiencies and frustrations that many businesses encounter and how Upflow addresses these pain points.

15:00 — Building a successful and inspired team: Alex shares his strategies for assembling a dedicated and motivated team. He emphasizes the significance of company culture and how it contributes to Upflow’s success.

20:40 — Traction of the company: Hear about Upflow’s growth and the milestones it has achieved. Alex talks about the key factors that have driven the company’s traction and market acceptance.

25:30 — Biggest risks and challenges Upflow faces today: Alex outlines the current challenges and risks that Upflow is navigating. This segment provides insight into the dynamic nature of running a fintech startup and the strategies employed to overcome obstacles.

28:30 — Upflow long-term vision: Gain an understanding of Upflow’s future direction. Alex discusses the company’s goals and the roadmap for achieving long-term success.

32:20 — Recommending a book: Alex concludes the conversation by recommending a book that has influenced his thinking and approach to business. This recommendation offers listeners a resource for further learning and inspiration.

This episode of “Behind Company Lines” is packed with valuable insights for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone interested in the fintech industry. Tune in to hear Alex’s story and learn from his experiences in building Upflow into a successful and innovative company.

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