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Automate Cash Collection

Automate collections and reduce late payments

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Why should you automate your collection process?

Debt collection can be time-consuming if you don't have the processes and tools. Yet, accounts receivables are key for any business: past-due invoices mean less cash and possibly big trouble later on. Automation solutions like Upflow make collection activities painless. They help you get paid quicker, improve your cash flow, and cut down manual processes. Try it out right away!

    Optimize your time

    Set up automated collection workflows and reduce manual tasks.

    Access real-time KPIs

    Track key metrics like DSO on our extensive dashboards.

    Improve your cashflow

    Less bad debt, more cash to invest in planning your growth.

The key benefits of automating your collections

A/R automation software will simplify your daily work and improve your business results!

Features and benefits

1 - Cut down your DSO 2 - Track your key metrics 3 - Optimize your processes 4 - Empower your team5- Streamline customer experience

2 - Track your key metrics

More often than not, finance executives rely on multiple spreadsheets and tools to get their numbers right. Collection solutions can help access the right data at any moment on one unique platform. At Upflow, we have partnerships with several accounting software like Netsuite or Xero. We integrate directly with them, which makes our data reliable and accurate. Our dashboards offer different analytics and can be used to identify risky client accounts and take action. Thanks to automation, you won't lose anymore time figuring which debtor owes you the most: everything will be directly accessible.

5- Streamline customer experience

We don't believe in bad payers: we believe in bad technology. More often than not, customers don't pay because of payment failure or insufficient payment options. Our product offers several payment methods (online payment, credit card, ACH, etc) and partners with various payment processors. Overall, the payment experience and thus the customer experience is better, which makes your customers happier and more willing to pay on time.

Implement Collection automation with Upflow

Upflow is a collection software that streamlines your accounts receivables in a few clicks.

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Lower your DSO

Automated email reminders will get you paid quicker, thus reducing your DSO.

Free your schedule

Spend more time on analysis and less time on manual payment follow-ups.

Gain knowledge on your A/R

Access live data and understand your customer accounts better.

Empower your teams

Make the collections team and the business team work together to collect payments.

Streamline customer payment

Our product offers several payment options and customized payment portals.

Set it up effortlessly

We integrate with your accounting software in a few clicks.

We connect with your billing tool!

We integrate easily with many tools: you can keep your existing CRM and ERP and leverage the power of Upflow.

Sneh Dadlani

Upflow had drastic impact on our cash collection strategy at Front and makes it easy to reach all our customers, whether it's SMB or Enterprise customers!

Sneh Dadlani, Controller @ Front

Put an end to Unpaid invoices

Collect customer payments effortlessly and stop wasting your team’s time running after past due invoices.