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Accounts Receivables Automation made easy with Upflow

A/R automation software for teams. Get paid quicker, easier.

No more late payments

Reduce your DSO right now. Goodbye late payments and unpaid invoices!

More time to plan

Get rid of time-consuming manual tasks. Our automation solution lets you focus on what matters most: strategy.

Instant visibility on your A/Rs

Have real-time access to your cash inflows and key metrics, identify risky accounts and take action. Use our forecasting functionality to plan your growth!

Features & Benefits

Upflow offers features to fit your needs and optimize your accounts receivables process.

Features and benefits

Improve your DSOManage your A/ROptimize your timeGain better insightsIncrease teamworkMake payments simple

Track and improve your DSO

DSO - day sales outstanding - is an essential metric for B2B finance teams. It helps them track how long it takes them to get paid. The lower your DSO, the better. By implementing a systematic and proactive collection process, you'll get paid quicker and reduce your DSO. Even better, you'll be able to have a monthly overview of your DSO with our billing cohort analysis.

Manage your Accounts Receivables

No more manual invoice chasing! Our product offers automated workflows and manages your receivables for you. A/R automation will save you time and increase your efficiency. Let go of collection management: Upflow will do it for you.

Key features

  • Analytics on key A/R metrics
  • Automated worfklows
  • Payment Portals

Increase teamwork

We believe A/R management shouldn't only involve finance or A/R teams. Sales teams for example often have more history and strong relationships with clients. With Upflow, your finance team and business team will communicate effectively, without resorting to manual processes. Communication will be streamlined and financial management made easier.

Make payment as simple as it should be

Our customer portal offers different payment options and makes payments easy. Credit card, wire transfer, ACH... You name it! Thanks to our payment processing partners, online payments are effortless.

Key features

  • Credit or debit card
  • Ach-Payment, or Direct Debit
  • Wiretransfer

Our customers are happy, and so will you!

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Connect Upflow to your current software in a 1-click (Literally)

Upflow seamlessly integrates with your current ERP system. You can keep your existing accounting and CRM software but leverage the power of Upflow in a few minutes. We integrate directly with different accounting solutions like Quickbooks, Netsuite or Xero. We can also develop specific APIs for your accounting system.


What to explore next

Have a look at what awaits you!

Cash Collection

Our automated workflows send personalized reminders to your customers. No more manual invoice chasing!

A/R Analysis

Get real time data on your key A/R metrics with our comprehensive dashboards.

B2B Payments

Our customer portal streamlines payments and offers different online payment options for your customers.

Accounts receivable software FAQs

Accounts Receivables Collections

About Upflow

Reduce DSO

Send out personalized and automated payment reminders. Reduce late payments.

Free your schedule

Save time to focus on strategic planning and analysis.

Gain valuable insights

Get live and accurate data with our extensive dashboards.

Improve collaboration

Make your finance and business teams communicate effectively.

Make your customers happy

Improve their payment experience by offering several payment solutions.

Integrate easily with finance stack

Get up and running in a few minutes and connect with your current software.