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Get paid even faster with Upflow AI

Pinpoint collections bottlenecks. Prevent bad debt risks. Accelerate payments. Finance teams: Say hi to your AI assistant who never sleeps, helping you continually improve performance.

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Speed up payments with personalization at scale.

Let our AI guide you in designing effective strategies to get paid on time. Achieve cash collection excellence without sounding like a robot

Beyond Templates

Improve cash inflow with messaging and text suggestions that match the way you write, creating a true, authentic dialogue with your customers.

Advanced Strategies

Optimize collections with recommendations based on your customer’s payment behavior and tactical best practices.

Zero in on payments bottlenecks

Get instant insights from customer interactions to resolve disputes and accelerate payments. Drive down operational costs, improve collaboration with customers and reduce headaches.

1-click Briefs

Turn long email chains into actionable, real-time status updates.

Next Best Action

Get proactive and contextual next-step recommendations, providing a clear picture of what’s causing payment bottlenecks and the best actions to solve them.

Welcome to smarter credit control

Get strategic recommendations to unlock owed cash reserves. Uncover hidden risks in your customer base to prevent bad debt. Regain control of your cash forecast.

No More Guesswork

Understand the ‘why’ behind your metrics and activate action plans within minutes thanks to your own AI assistant. Say goodbye to the risk of human error, and let our always-on AI guide you to every optimization opportunity.

Forecast With Confidence

Greater predictability means better cash forecast accuracy. Go from fire fighting to shaping your business’s future.

Join the revolution and get ahead of the curve.

Modern finance teams use Upflow AI for smarter payments.