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Forget about time-consuming spreadsheets and manual processes. Create personalized payment reminders that get triggered at the right moment so that your customers pay on time.


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Streamline your team’s process

Manage all of your invoicing and payments in one place.

Centralized workspace

Track all of your customers, invoices and payments from Upflow.

Automated reminders

Use pre-written templates or create your own to send payment reminders and ensure on-time payment.

Segment your customer base

Every customer is unique. Create dedicated campaigns based on account type, persona, age of invoice, and more.

Action scheduler

Define when, how, and by whom your customers are sent payment reminders.

Schedule editor

Create as many schedules as necessary and tailor each one to a specific type of customer.

Collaborate with your team

Team collaboration and customer communication in one single place.

Internal communication

Tag team members and use comments to keep others up to date on cash collection progress.


Bring the right team members into the loop when needed. Automate account assignation from Salesforce.

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With Upflow, we are able to get 99% collection, and that remaining 1%, that's where we bring in the CSMs for maximum efficiency.

Jason Lopez, Controller @ Lattice

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