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How OVRSEA automated 70% of AR actions and reduced DSO with a team of one

Experiencing cash flow challenges, OVRSEA turned to Upflow to significantly improve their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and client relationships.

    Lolla Di Vico

    Finance Operations Manager

    How Malt kept up with hyper-growth and cut DSO by 58%

    Malt is Europe’s leading freelance marketplace. Experiencing rapid growth in a number of European markets, Malt faced challenges managing their accounts receivable and cash collection as they scaled.

      Audrey Brunet

      Client Operations Team Lead

      How parcelLab increased A/R visibility and streamlined subscription management

      parcelLab, a leading provider of post-purchase solutions for enterprises, faced challenged in finding the right tool to manage accounts receivable in their unique business model. Lacking visibility and analytics, they knew they needed to find the right solution.

        Jean-Thomas Cock

        Head of Financial Operations

        How Pedlex saved 20+ finance team hours per week and reduced their aging balance

        Pedlex, a Montreal-based industrial storage company, faced challenges managing their accounts receivable (AR) process within NetSuite. While they enjoyed strong client relationships, collecting payments often involved manual tasks and chasing down lost invoices.

          Francis Poirier


          How Botify won back 2 finance days per week and slashed DSO by 22%

          Botify, a leading SaaS platform helping enterprise clients improve their SEO, operating across six international entities, faced a growing challenge: inefficient and inconsistent cash collection processes.

            Geraldine Adjadj

            Accounting Manager

            How Hokodo Cut DSO by 75% and Increased Collections

            With Hokodo’s expansion into new markets, their team made it their top priority to implement a solution that would streamline and centralize AR management. With multiple spreadsheets for Accounts Receivable management and a decentralized collection strategy hindering the ability to scale, Hokodo turned to Upflow for the solution.

              Blair Cooper

              Head of Operations & Collections

              How ActivTrak saved 100+ finance team hours per month

              As ActivTrak’s business grew, manual collection management became an onerous responsibility. They recognized that to ensure sustainable growth in the company's financial operations, they would need to automate and streamline the collections process.

                Melissa Kammberger

                Senior AR Analyst

                How Welcome to the Jungle saved finance time and reduced DSO by 18%

                With WTTJ’s rapid growth and ambitious plans to expand to the US market, Cédric sought a platform that could expedite collections for their small finance team and help them reduce manual and time-consuming AR management.

                  Cédric Pesle

                  Accounting Manager

                  How Lattice streamlined cash collection without additional recruitment

                  As Lattice was showing signs of exponential growth, Jason had to scale fast by automating and improving crucial metrics to ensure the company’s financial health. After only a few weeks with Upflow, he realized that the ROI would actually be much higher than he had initially estimated.

                    Jason Lopez


                    How Productboard, faced with exponential growth, scaled its cash collection

                    Handling the current growth of Productboard and forecasting future needs was a top concern for Arianna. With 5 unsynchronized tools, cash collection was a “ridiculous amount of work”. This pushed her to seek out a scalable solution which lead her to Upflow.

                      Arianna Cesareo

                      Accounting Team Lead

                      How Side reduced overdue invoices from 75% to 25% with Upflow

                      When Gregory joined Side he realized that with Upflow he finally had the tool he had been dreaming of as an AR expert for 15 years. After only a few months, to the relief of his C-level , he had completely turned the company’s cash flow around.

                        Grégory Labery

                        Billing Specialist

                        How Avizio secured its cash flow and said goodbye to survival mode

                        As a service company that commits to paying its experts right after their mission, Avizio faced major cash flow challenges. This is putting a strain on the company’s working capital. Avizio’s CEO, Henri, chose Upflow to solve this and help create a scalable business model.

                          Henri de Lorgeril


                          How Gymlib reduced time spent on cash collection by 80%

                          Agathe’s challenge when joining Gymlib was to fix the AR situation. After going at it head first, spending tens of hours a week manually chasing down customers and relevant data, she took a step back. That’s when she realized she needed the right stack for the job. 
With Upflow she finally took control of the company’s cash flow.

                            Agathe Leprun

                            Finance Manager

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