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Accounts Receivable Automation

Cutting-edge technology for B2B cash collection

Efficient cash collection for better cash flow.

Streamline your receivable process with AR automation software

We understand how time-consuming and tedious manual invoice chasing can be. It's a waste of resources that leaves less time for what's actually important: planning your growth and making strategic decisions. Our automation solution handles your accounts receivable process for you and helps speed up payment, improving your cash flow.

    Save time

    Implement automatic workflows and forget about manual processes

    Better Data

    Access real-time dashboards with key metrics like DSO.

    Increased cash flow

    Reduce bad and collect your cash on time, without working for it.

Why should you implement receivable automation?

Discover the key benefits of A/R automation.

Features and benefits

Get paid on timeImprove internal communicationBe more efficientStronger customer relationships

Timely customer payments

Cash is crucial to any business, regardless of size. In the long run, a lack of cash can spell the end of your company. That's why it's important to ensure that customer payments are received by the due date. With automation software, you can be more proactive about your collection process and send out automated, yet personalized payment reminders. You'll also have the data to identify accounts that are at risk and take action. Even better, you can offer several payment options to make things easier for your customers. Overall, this will improve your customer experience and reduce the number of late payments.

You'll improve internal communication

Finance teams shouldn't be the only ones involved in collecting payments. Business teams can be useful because they often have more close contact with your clients. That's why we offer unlimited user access and many functionalities for team collaboration, without impact on pricing. Main benefits - As many users as you want - Mention collaborators directly - Email templates for salespersons

Main benefits

  • As many users as you want
  • Mention collaborators directly
  • Email templates for salespersons

Gain in efficiency

It's all about improving the AR process to be more profitable. That's where cutting-edge AR software like Upflow can help. Our solution simplifies your receivables team's day-to-day work and optimizes their time. No more manual processes: finance teams can focus on reporting analysis and strategy instead of chasing unpaid invoices. Plus, our software takes only a few minutes to set up and integrates with many accounting software solutions like QuickBooks and Netsuite.

Build stronger customer relationships

We don't believe in bad payers; we believe in bad technology. Our software is intuitive, easy to use, and will improve your customers' experience. We have partnered with several payment processing providers and offer various payment methods, such as credit card, ACH, and wire transfer. Additionally, we offer a customizable payment portal, where your customers can access all their past and present invoices and pay directly. With our payment solutions, you can collect your cash without endangering client relationships.

Discover Upflow

The AR automation solution chosen by thousands of Finance teams all over the world. Start streamlining your cash collection today and watch your business grow.

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Cut down your DSO

Days Sales Outstanding is a crucial KPI for any business. With Upflow, you'll get paid quicker and reduce it.

Optimize your schedule

Spend more time on analysis and strategy planning, and less time on invoice chasing.

Access live data without human error

We offer comprehensive dashboards and forecastings to help you gain visibility on your A/R.

Empower your teams

Make finance and business teams work better together thanks to our platform.

Make it simple for customers

Make paying online easy for your customers and build a strong relationship with them.

Set it up in 5 minutes

Connect with your current ERP instantly and get started in no time.

Never again chase late payments.

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We connect with your billing tool!

Onboarding with us is an easy process: we connect easily to your CRM and ERP system. A smooth and painless experience!


Automate your accounts receivables with Upflow!

What is accounts receivable automation with Upflow?

Accounts Receivables automation isn't about removing all the human components of customer relationships: it's about making it better! With Upflow, you'll have more time and resources to understand your clients and adapt your strategy to them. Automating collections allows you to access live data, send automated but personalized payment reminder emails, and offer several payment options to your clients. Ultimately, it's all about making your collection processes easier and improving your customer experience.

The key benefits of accounts receivable automation with Upflow

Easier to get paid on time: You'll have all the right tools to get paid on the due date: automated and customized workflows, key metrics to identify risky accounts and take action, and personalized payment portals with several payment methods for your customers. All in all, it gets easier for your customers to pay you and easier for you to manage your collection activities.

Easier to understand your A/R: Understanding your A/R is key to improve your processes: how can you optimize your collection if you don't know which customers are paying you late each month? Our product showcases extensive dashboards with accurate and reliable numbers. You'll have access to billing cohorts, aging reports, and cash forecasting. Each KPI can be broken down by customer, helping you gain precious insights and improve your collection management.

Easier to collaborate effectively: Communication isn't always easy within a company. But we think it's critical to communicate effectively to improve your collection process. Finance teams are often the only ones on the subject: they shouldn't be. Sales teams for example can often have closer relationships with customers. Involving sales executives can be a good strategy to get paid on time. That's why we offer collaboration features like an unlimited number of users, the possibility to mention collaborators on the platform, etc.

We have one mission at Upflow: help B2B businesses collect their customers' payments easily. Our product is intuitive accounts receivable automation software, designed to help finance teams handle their collection better and gain time to focus on important topics.

Sneh Dadlani

Upflow had drastic impact on our cash collection strategy at Front and makes it easy to reach all our customers, whether it's SMB or Enterprise customers!

Sneh Dadlani, Controller @ Front