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Alex, CEO, on Speed Change Repeat [Podcast]

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Louis Bidou

Mar 14, 2023

New Upflow podcast! Our co-founder & CEO, Alex Louisy, was Jonathan Pfaffenrot’s guest on the “Speed Change Repeat” podcast. Together, they discuss what a second-time founder does differently, what it is to start a company in France, get into YC, and pivot to tackle the US market. They also illustrate Stripe's concept of macro optimism/micro pessimism and exchange on the actual meaning of VC-Founder partnerships.

In this episode, Alex shares his journey and insights gained from his entrepreneurial experiences. He delves into the differences between being a first-time founder and a second-time founder, highlighting the lessons learned and strategies refined. Alex also discusses the unique challenges and opportunities of launching a startup in France and the transformative experience of joining Y Combinator. The conversation takes an intriguing turn as they explore how to adapt a product for the US market, providing practical advice for international expansion.

Furthermore, Alex and Jonathan dive into the concept of macro optimism and micro pessimism, a philosophy popularized by Stripe, explaining how this mindset can help startups navigate uncertainty while maintaining a positive long-term vision. They also discuss the dynamics of VC-Founder partnerships, offering valuable perspectives on how to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with investors.

Listen to the episode here

00:00 — Alex’s background

03:00 — First-time founders vs. second-time founders

09:00 — The science of distribution

18:30 — Macro optimism & micro pessimism

22:00 — Adapting your product to the US market

28:30 — Y Combinator

35:00 — Financial investors vs. operators

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