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Alex, CEO, at CFO Connect 2022 [Replay]

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Kelly Percillier

Sep 29, 2022

Our co-founder & CEO, Alex Louisy, participated in CFO Connect Summit 2022 and talked about the driving factors shaping compensation today, together with Charly Kevers, Carta’s CFO. This insightful discussion covered various aspects of modern compensation practices and the challenges faced by companies in ensuring fair and competitive pay.

Watch the replay of the conference here 🔗

00:00 — Introductions: Alex and Charly introduce themselves and set the stage for an engaging conversation on compensation trends and strategies.

04:00 — The gender pay gap: A deep dive into the persistent issue of the gender pay gap, exploring its causes, implications, and potential solutions to achieve pay equity.

15:40 — Compensation differences between countries: An analysis of how compensation varies across different countries, highlighting the factors that contribute to these disparities and how companies can navigate them.

21:10 — Benchmarks: Discussion on the importance of benchmarking compensation against industry standards and best practices to attract and retain top talent.

25:45 — Work from anywhere: Examining the impact of remote work on compensation, including how companies are adjusting pay scales and policies to accommodate a distributed workforce.

34:30 — Building a common culture: Strategies for fostering a unified company culture in a remote or hybrid work environment, ensuring that all employees feel connected and valued.

40:50 — Equity: Insights into the role of equity in compensation, including stock options and other forms of equity-based rewards, and their importance in employee retention and motivation.

43:30 — 4-day workweek: Exploring the concept of a 4-day workweek, its potential benefits and challenges, and how it can impact productivity and employee satisfaction.

This session at CFO Connect Summit 2022 is a must-watch for finance professionals and business leaders looking to stay ahead of the curve in compensation strategies. Don’t miss out on the valuable insights shared by Alex and Charly. Tune in to the replay to learn more!

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