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How ActivTrak saved 100+ finance team hours per month

As ActivTrak’s business grew, manual collection management became an onerous responsibility. They recognized that to ensure sustainable growth in the company's financial operations, they would need to automate and streamline the collections process.

Melissa Kammberger

Senior AR Analyst


of follow-up emails processed automatically

23 days

DSO with Net 30 payment terms.


Collection Effectiveness Index (CEI), indicating highly effective cash collection.

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Activtrak empowers teams with workforce analytics driven productivity insights.




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ActivTrak says goodbye to manual follow up of late payment

Before Upflow, Melissa and the team at ActivTrak were sending out hundreds of collection emails manually every week. This process also involved updating spreadsheets to keep track of customer invoices and payments.

The consequences? A long cash collection cycle that was tedious and time consuming and an inability to scale their accounts receivable processes to match business growth.

With Upflow, Melissa and the team were able to decreased manual tasks drastically, and eliminate the risk of missed payment reminders.

Before Upflow I was manually sending over 300 payment reminders a week. Now 85% of those emails are automated.

Solution: Cutting-edge accounts receivable technology

ActivTrak opted for the Upflow solution to address these challenges and expedite cash collection. With our native Chargebee integration, all their customer invoices were live in Upflow within hours, ready to be chased.

  • Workflow Automation: Decreased manual tasks drastically, and eliminated the risk of missed payment reminders.

  • Analytics: Empowered data-driven decision making to implement targeted collection strategies to optimize cash flow.

  • Collaborative Workspace: Enhanced cross-team collaboration streamlined collections and quickly resolved payment issues.

Within months of go-live, the Upflow solution brought transformative changes to ActivTrak’s collection process. Fast forward two years, Upflow has not only won back countless hours for the finance team but also eliminated the need for an extra hire to oversee collections. This has resulted in saving them thousands of dollars every month.

Cash collection transformed

Melissa is now empowered to make data-driven decisions in her collection strategies, which in turn has optimized cash flow. The intuitive platform with easy access to invoices at a glance, coupled with live dashboards to track collection progress in real-time, means ActivTrak always know where they stand with late payments.

The team at ActivTrak have also benefited from improved cross-team collaboration thanks to Upflow, streamlining collections and quickly resolving payment issues. The ability to easily loop in finance or business teams to fast track collection has been a major win.

Melissa strongly recommends Upflow to companies grappling with similar AR challenges. She says the team now saves hundreds of hours per month thanks to the solution which has enabled them to allocate more time to forging strong customer relationships and delivering exceptional service to get paid on time.

Upflow is an indispensable solution for efficient cash collection.

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