ADYOULIKE reduced their DSO by 160 days thanks to Upflow

  • Martine Plat

    Finance Manager @ ADYOULIKE

-160 days

DSO reduction



Write off decreased



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Key takeaways

  • DSO reduced by 160 days after 1 year
  • Percentage write-off decreased by 21% within 1 year


ADYOULIKE is a European leader in native advertising. Their platform allows advertisers to share engaging content online and gives publishers access to new revenue streams. They serve hundreds of customers, including major brands such as Microsoft, AirBnB and Reuters.


Martine is a Finance Manager at ADYOULIKE, and before using Upflow, collections consumed most of her time. Although they had a billing system that automated most invoicing workflows, she had to use spreadsheets to track and follow up on past-due invoices. Every week, she'd check her bank account, mark the newly paid invoices in the sheet and send reminders for those that remained unpaid. Those reminders had to be personalized and tailored to the their customer typology (they range from small marketing agencies to large multi-nationals). This inefficient process became increasingly problematic as they started to scale internationally.


Within a few days of setting up Upflow, Martine was able to replace her spreadsheets with a dashboard that gave her a real-time overview of her Accounts Receivable (AR). This allowed her to drill down into the most overdue invoices (> 90 days past due) and send reminder emails for them at the touch of a button.

I'm grateful for Upflow, with them we reduced our DSO by 160 days!

Martine was also able to replicate the way she'd normally speak to different client types by implementing a different collection workflow for each one (e.g. one for small agencies and one for large multi-nationals). She also used Upflow's customer portal to provide her customers with: (1) a real-time overview of what they owe and (2) the ability to pay via many different payment methods.

Key takeaways

The ADYOULIKE team has sent over 2,000 reminders since onboarding which resulted in a 160-day decrease in DSO. This outcome led them to scale out the Upflow deployment to their other geographies, which in turn gave them a consolidated view of their financial position across all entities.

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