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How Botify won back 2 finance days per week and slashed DSO by 22%

Botify, a leading SaaS platform helping enterprise clients improve their SEO, operating across six international entities, faced a growing challenge: inefficient and inconsistent cash collection processes.

Geraldine Adjadj

Accounting Manager

2 days

per week of manual finance work saved


DSO decrease, within first 4 months of using Upflow

7 users

onboarded and enjoying full AR visibility in Upflow*

*Upflow merchants can add an unlimited number of users on each of our pricing plans.

Mission statement

Botify brings brands and buyers together at scale by maximizing online discoverability through organic search.




Marketing Software


Paris, New York, London, Seattle, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo

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Botify was bogged down in manual processes

Manual invoicing and chasing payments through disconnected email threads had created administrative overload for Botify, hampering scalability and financial health.

Existing tools like Salesforce (which was being used for invoicing and dunning processes), proved ill-equipped for the complexities of global AR. Lack of automation and cumbersome data entry choked productivity, while diverse time zones and cultural nuances made centralized management a struggle.

Geraldine Adjadj (Accounting Manager at Botify) knew that hiring dedicated staff solely for cash collection wasn't a viable solution. It added unnecessary costs and failed to address the core issue – a fragmented system lacking automation and global compatibility. Botify needed a robust solution that could streamline processes, ensure timely payments, and empower them to scale with confidence.

If the process couldn't change, I might have had to hire someone just to be a cash collector... not the most interesting job in the world. And I know it because I did it.

Solution: A user-friendly, collection-focused AR platform

Upflow arrived as a breath of fresh air, transforming Botify's cash collection from a manual battlefield to a streamlined, automated symphony.

The platform's user-friendly interface and global compatibility resonated instantly. Botify was able to effortlessly connect all six entities, making it possible to centrally manage accounts receivable from the Paris headquarters. Gone were the days of juggling individual email threads; now, the team had a unified platform for all their AR needs.

But it wasn't just about central control:

  • Upflow empowered individual team members with its intuitive and user-friendly UX.

  • Customizable workflows let the Botify finance team craft personalized communication for each client, fostering better relationships and boosting response rates.

  • Even the newest team members felt confident using the platform, as onboarding was easy. This eliminated training burdens and ensured everyone could contribute effectively.

You can see the chain of communication that you've had with the clients and anybody can start tomorrow. Even someone without any history can start doing cash collection - they can see everything within the system.

Seamless Netsuite integration gets Botify up and running fast

Added to that, Upflow seamlessly integrated with Botify’s Netsuite accounting system, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring information was correctly synchronized in real-time. This transparency not only saved time but also fostered accountability and collaboration within the team.

Geraldine and the team at Botify initially started with Salesforce and then shifted to the Netsuite dunning module, but as their needs became more and more complex, they decided to switch to Upflow.

The results? Botify got paid faster, with Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) reducing by 22%. Geraldine also estimates that the team now saves two days per week worth of manual cash collection work, and the platform has facilitated collaboration by becoming a team-wide hub, with seven active users.

With Upflow, Botify finally has the power to tame the complexities of global cash collection. They moved from reactive scrambling to proactive management, focusing on strategic initiatives instead of chasing payments.

AR headaches are a thing of the past

Upflow's robust and customizable reporting and analytics empower Botify with actionable insights. The finance team has now gained full visibility into the status of outstanding invoices, is able to track the effectiveness of automated vs. manual collection strategies, and can regularly pinpoint areas for cash collection improvement.

Geraldine and the team also enjoy Upflow’s:

  • Regular updates and new features, which ensure continuous improvement: Upflow's commitment to development means Botify always has access to the latest functionality and performance enhancements, ensuring their AR processes remain cutting-edge.

  • Dedicated account management, providing personalized support: Beyond technical assistance, Botify is happy to have a dedicated account manager who understands their specific needs and offers proactive guidance, strategic advice, and best practice recommendations.

Looking ahead, Botify plans to connect their remaining Asian entities to Upflow, further streamlining their global cash collection and unlocking even greater efficiency gains.

Upflow is a real game changer for everybody. We save about two days per week compared to the manual work we were doing before.

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