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How Welcome to the Jungle saved finance time and reduced DSO by 18%

With WTTJ’s rapid growth and ambitious plans to expand to the US market, Cédric sought a platform that could expedite collections for their small finance team and help them reduce manual and time-consuming AR management.

Cédric Pesle

Accounting Manager


of follow-up emails are now processed automatically


decrease in DSO, improving cash flow and financial stability.

Mission statement

Welcome to the Jungle is shaping the future of work, leveraging content and technology to revolutionize every aspect of the employee experience. They assist companies in providing a better, more sustainable workplace experience.




HR Software (ATS)

HQ location

Paris, France

Stack integrated with Upflow:

Netsuite & Chargebee

Welcome to the Jungle automates manual tasks to free up finance time

Before Upflow, an inefficient, non-scalable collection and payment process was causing headaches. Coupled with limited finance team bandwidth hindering proactive cash collection follow-ups, WTTJ knew they were leaving money on the table and not fully unlocking owed cash reserves. 

With Upflow, and our native Netsuite integration, all WTTJs customer invoices were live in the system and ready for chasing within hours.

Today 80% of emails are processed automatically which has reduced the finance team's manual work significantly, enabling them to prioritize more strategic actions.

Automating 80% of our payment reminders saved us hours of work and accelerated payments. This reduced our DSO by 18%"

Streamlined processes help reduce DSO by 18%

Before Upflow, multiple tools (Excel, Netsuite and Chargebee) made it difficult to create a structured and systematised approach to cash collection.

Today, actions are clear and optimized, there is enhanced visibility and clear workflows allowing the finance team to drive effective collections. The user-friendly UI and straightforward setup process means new team members can become fully operational with the solution in just one week.

All of this has led to a positive ROI within just a few months of implementation, an 18% reduction in DSO and WTTJ consistently saving upwards of 23,000 € every month in losses from missed payments.

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Interested to go further into how Welcome to the Jungle saw such great results in terms of cash collection, finance time saved and reduced DSO?

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