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Make better business decisions through a deep, real-time view of your accounts receivable

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Systematic collection

Never forget to follow up on an unpaid invoice by setting up systematic collection schedules

  • Keep clients happy using personalised reminders
  • Send emails and registered letters
  • Keep the right stakeholders in the loop
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Streamlined payments

Offer new payment methods that better suit your customer's needs and reduce your time to get paid

  • Simplified payment experience for your customers
  • Offer new payment methods
  • Automatic reconciliation
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Say goodbye to Excel, revolutionise your collection processes. Get control of your cash flow.

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Upflow seamlessly integrates with the way you work today. Keep your existing invoicing and accounting tools and leverage the power of Upflow within a few minutes.

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We were not only able to simplify our collection processes, but also involve our account managers by giving them deeper insight into their customer debt.

Guillaume Doki-Thonon, CEO @ Reech

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