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Measure your efficiency

Understand the speed at which your company collects cash by measuring Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Customer analysis
Drill down into customers so that you can build the right collection strategy
Real time metrics
Your cash collection indicators are always up to date

Know who's falling behind

Use aging balance drill downs to find out which receivables are at risk.

ARs overview
Measure your aging balance to see the impact of your collection strategy firsthand
Team segmentation
Filter on different teams to identify potential issues

Know what's next

Leverage our historical and predictive cash flow reports to measure your collection rate and anticipate your cash inflows.

Cash flow forecast
Know when cash is expected to better manage your working capital
Expected payment date
Allow your customers to notify you when they intend to pay

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We were not only able to simplify our collection processes, but also involve our account managers by giving them deeper insight into their customer debt.

Guillaume Doki-Thonon, CEO @ Reech

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