Fast-growing companies: 4 receivables KPIs you must track to scale
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Upflow is the central place to resolve invoicing and payment matters with your clients.

Centralized workspace
Track all of your customers, invoices and payments from Upflow
Smart reminders
Use pre-written templates to send emails, calls and letters so that customer pay on time

Schedules that work for you

All customers are different, use our schedule editor to customize reminders based on the size or type of account, the role of the recipient, and how late the invoice is.

Action scheduler
Precisely define when your customers should be reminded, how and by whom
Schedule editor
Create as many schedules as you need, treat each type of customer differently

Keep your team in the loop

Keep your sales and finance teams on the same page by giving them an overview of their receivables.

Internal communication
Use comments to keep others up to date on the account
Bring the right team members into the loop when needed

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<strong>Upflow had a drastic impact on our cash collection strategy</strong> at Front and makes it easy to reach all of our customers, whether they're an SMB or Enterprise!

Sneh Dadlani, Controller @ Front

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