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Payments by Upflow: Bringing the Best of Consumer E-Commerce to B2B Payments

B2B payments

Alex Louisy

Mar 20, 2024


Payment is now a customer experience leverBringing the B2C payment experience to B2B

Today, Upflow is launching Payments by Upflow, our next gen payment processing platform integrated within our solution.

As a first-mover with our payment portal back in 2020, we’re taking the next step in making B2B payments faster, easier and more efficient for B2B companies everywhere.

With Payments by Upflow, our merchants are set to overcome previous limitations, benefitting from the ultimate payment gateway experience, built from the ground up specifically for B2B businesses, with rich functionality that’s simple to use.

With the same intuitive interface our merchants love, Payments by Upflow brings a powerful yet simple and frictionless experience to B2B payments. By seamlessly integrating within the Upflow platform, this means businesses can offer online payment options instantly to all customers.

Ready to streamline your B2B payments? Join our waitlist today and join the future of B2B payments.

Payment is now a customer experience lever

"At Upflow, we're revolutionizing the way B2B businesses get paid. But Payments by Upflow is about more than just receiving money—it's about adding a new lever to the customer experience, helping to delight customers, reduce churn and increase brand loyalty", said Alex Louisy, co-founder and CEO of Upflow.

The act of paying can now play its part in a great customer experience. Think of Upflow as a ‘Financial Relationship Management’ tool, helping our merchants make payment a great experience, all while facilitating repeat purchase, loyalty and brand love.

It’s the place where your finance processes meet the customer, and a new way to delight them and build strong relationships - every time they pay.

Bringing the B2C payment experience to B2B

At its core, Payments by Upflow offers a seamless, B2C-inspired payment process tailored specifically for B2B transactions. Gone are the days of lost invoices and manual follow-ups - a new era of streamlined payment interactions is here.

Key Features of Payments by Upflow:

  1. Maximize cash flow efficiency through instant, automatic payments and reconciliation.

  2. Design advanced collection strategies by integrating collaborative workflows and incentives, optimized for preferred payment methods.

  3. Leverage Upflow’s expertise to tailor comprehensive collection strategies encompassing invoice management, payment, and reconciliation.

  4. Enhance business security with established online payment methods, ensuring around-the-clock protection.

"From the very beginning, we built Upflow to transform how companies get paid, optimizing their AR processes and beyond," added Louisy. "With Payments by Upflow, we're ushering B2B finance teams into the modern era of online payments."

Ready to streamline your B2B payments? Join our waitlist today and join the future of B2B payments.

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