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Upflow Announces $5 Million in New Funding to Revolutionize B2B Payments

B2B payments

Alex Louisy

Apr 23, 2024

We’re excited to announce that we've secured $5 million in new funding to bring Payments by Upflow to market.

This Series A extension will help us bring the best of consumer e-commerce to B2B payments. Designed specifically for B2B businesses, Payments by Upflow is the next step in our vision towards transforming how B2B companies get paid - helping them make the most of the money they’ve won and continue growing their businesses without poor cash flow holding them back.

The funding was led by Lorimer Ventures, a prominent early-stage US VC firm focused on the B2B SaaS and fintech space, with participation from existing investors including Y Combinator, Hexa (eFounders) and Hedosophia.

This additional investment underscores Upflow's commitment to prioritizing our vision, set out from the very beginning.

As Alex Louisy, CEO of Upflow, said:

"Payment has always been a key part of our vision for Upflow. Our existing SaaS offering helps finance leaders optimize their accounts receivable. Now, with this launch we’re modernizing the payment rails B2B businesses use to collect money from their customers. Modern payment methods (think online and autopay) already exist, but they’re still very hard to implement for B2B companies. That’s the challenge we’re solving today - in a simple, yet powerful add-on to our SaaS offering."

Here at Upflow we believe that the actual act of paying is central to a positive customer experience. While companies are very good at going above and beyond to create a smooth customer experience in their sales and support processes, that positive experience often hits a snag when it comes to receiving payment. Emails and invoices get lost, payments get delayed, and frustration builds between the company and its customer.

Payments by Upflow positions us as a 'Financial Relationship Management' tool. Our vision is to use cutting edge technology to enable our merchants to make the act of paying a positive experience that fosters repeat purchase, loyalty, and brand love.

With seamless integration within the existing Upflow platform, our new payments offering will allow merchants to instantly provide online payment options to all of their customers, tailored to the complex requirements of B2B commerce.

This capital increase is a strong testament to our vision and demonstrates the trust we enjoy from new and existing investors. The new funding will provide the resources we need to reach our goals and bring B2B payment online, at a global scale.

Nick Wijnberg, Lorimer Ventures Co-Founder and General Partner, said:

“Upflow is revolutionizing B2B payments with an end-to-end platform for receivables and cash management, we’re so excited to continue backing Alex and team on this next phase of growth”. 

Find out more about Payments by Upflow.

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