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Custom Fields: A Better Way to Manage Your Customer List

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Kelly Percillier

Mar 23, 2023


How Does It Work?What Are the Benefits?

At Upflow, our primary objective is to assist our valued customers in improving their cash collection processes and maximizing their cash flow. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower your business to thrive.

One crucial aspect of ensuring timely payments is the implementation of highly personalized payment reminder workflows. With the help of custom fields, you can effortlessly streamline your collection and assignment procedures by importing or creating custom fields directly within the Upflow platform.

How Does It Work?

The custom fields feature within Upflow empowers you to segment your customer list. This segmentation can be based on various criteria, such as their assigned Account Manager, preferred payment methods, due dates, and more. You have complete freedom to either import existing tags from your source platform or create new ones directly within Upflow.

What Are the Benefits?

Implementing custom fields brings forth numerous benefits that significantly enhance your cash collection process:

Make information flow

Custom fields can be imported from your source of truth including your ERP, Billing took or SFDC directly into Upflow so you can replicate your collection process. Keep in mind that if you create new custom fields in Upflow they will not be written back into your source of truth.

Customer list segmentation and better assignation

Custom fields enable you to better filter and segment your customer database. By assigning specific custom fields, you can easily categorize customers based on their unique attributes and preferences, allowing for more targeted communication and tailored workflows. With custom fields, assign your customers to specific workflows, account managers, payment methods, etc.

Personalized Communication

Custom fields can be used as tags in your email communication automatically adapting your messaging to each of your customers. By tailoring your payment reminders and follow-ups according to specific customer attributes, you can strengthen customer relationships and increase the likelihood of prompt payments.

Filtering and breaking down by Custom Fields

With this feature, you can drill down and get more fine-grained analytics from Upflow. Segment your customer list by product or customer size.

The incorporation of custom fields within Upflow empowers you to optimize your cash collection efforts. By leveraging the flexibility of segmentation and workflow assignment, you can enhance customer communication, personalize your payment reminders, and improve your overall cash flow management.

For more information on how to set this up on Upflow, follow this guide.

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