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Cybersecurity in Action: Upflow & SecAtScale Co-Host Capture the Flag Event

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Nicolas Perraud

Feb 1, 2024


What is SecAtScale?Giving Developers an Attacker’s PerspectiveThe 'After-Party' at Google

Staying ahead of potential cybersecurity threats not only requires cutting-edge technology but also skilled and vigilant people. Recognizing the importance of continuous training for developers, Upflow recently co-hosted a Capture the Flag (CTF) security event with SecAtScale.

What is SecAtScale?

SecAtScale, a private community dedicated to levelling-up the cybersecurity of tech organizations, connects cybersecurity leaders from high-potential companies, fostering innovation and knowledge sharing.

The event, which took place on Wednesday January 31, aimed to gamify security training for developers. The event provided a unique opportunity for the engineering teams from 16 companies in the Paris startup ecosystem (including Backmarket, Pigment, Swile, Mirakl, Dailymotion and Malt), to test and improve their cybersecurity skills.

Giving Developers an Attacker’s Perspective

Events like this are really significant because they help align the community's mission with practical, hands-on experiences. SecAtScale's mission is to build trust in our organizations through solid cybersecurity practices. A Capture the Flag event is usually organised by and for cybersecurity professionals to sharpen their ‘offensive’ skills.

SecAtScale has turned this into practical training for developers to help them better understand how attackers can discover vulnerabilities. By taking the perspective of an attacker on someone else's system in a supervised way, I believe they can become better defenders for the solutions they build for Upflow’s merchants.

The 'After-Party' at Google

The event's structure involves a Capture the Flag exercise during the day, where each participating company tackles security challenges from their own offices.

Google, as a sponsor of the event, hosted an after-party at their Paris headquarters, providing an opportunity for all participants to network and celebrate the day's accomplishments. The collaboration with Google underscores the importance of industry-wide partnerships in addressing cybersecurity challenges collectively.

As the importance of cybersecurity continues to grow, events like this one serve as a beacon for the industry, showcasing the dedication of companies like Upflow in ensuring the highest standards of security for our users and partners.

The emphasis on practical training for developers reflects a forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity, recognizing that a well-prepared and educated workforce is the first line of defense against cyber threats.

Find out more about SecAtScale.

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