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What’s New With Upflow: September Product Releases

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Clémentine d'Arjuzon

Sep 22, 2022


The cherry on the cake: our native Salesforces integrationMore control over your Upflow users for increased autonomyA simpler display of currencies for a more intuitive experienceShare any relevant document along with the invoiceWhat are we working on for the coming months?

In this changing economic context where securing funding is more complex than it used to be, getting paid by customers is more crucial than ever. Why? Because healthy accounts receivables make for a healthy cash flow, the lifeblood of any company.

This month we’ve released new features to make cash collection easier and quicker, based on your feedback and requests. Take a look at what we’ve shipped and what’s cooking for next month!

The cherry on the cake: our native Salesforces integration

You’ve been asking for it so we built it: our beta native integration with Salesforces is now live. In a few clicks, you can connect Salesforce to our software and have all relevant account information available in real-time on Upflow. 

This integration allows you to import your contacts and account managers as well as update assignation automatically. Say goodbye to double entries, missed portfolio changes, and reminders sent to the wrong contact. If you’re an Upflow user, you can implement it in minutes. 

More control over your Upflow users for increased autonomy

Roles in companies change, and you might have team members in need of specific Upflow access one day but a different one the next. That’s why we’ve developed features that give you more control and autonomy over your users:

  1. You can un-assign the account manager of any customer account autonomously without help from our Customer Success Team. Un-assign and/or re-assign an account manager directly from the customer page.

  2. Use filters to display the owner of your organization. Only owners can change certain settings in Upflow. If you want to find out who the owner of your organization is, there is no need to contact our support anymore: simply go to ‘Members’, filter on the ‘Role’ and that’s it.

  3. Ask for an ownership transfer. The owner of your organization might be outdated or you might have a change in responsibility. You can now ask for a transfer of ownership directly from “Members”.

A simpler display of currencies for a more intuitive experience

We want you to have all relevant information in one glance. That’s why we’ve decluttered the views by improving the way currency is displayed in Upflow

The currency is now displayed with its full symbol to avoid any doubt. No need to do anything: it’s automatic. To give you an example, US dollar amounts will be displayed with the $ sign ($5), when Canadian dollar amounts for example will be displayed by adding the code prefix (CA$5).

 We also removed the currency column on the invoice, credit note, and transaction list views: this simplifies the view by taking out redundant information. 

Share any relevant document along with the invoice

If you’re using Xero or Quickbooks Online, you can now automatically merge invoices and other useful PDF attachments. This can come in handy if your invoice PDF doesn’t include all the necessary information for your customers to pay you easily and you want to add any additional documents. 

Contact your Customer Success manager to check if this is relevant for you and activate the feature.

What are we working on for the coming months?

We’re building many exciting projects! Among them are:

  • A Sage intact beta native integration

  • Allowing several account managers for one client

  • Customized client contact roles

  • Slack notifications for user mentions

  • Aggregated views on your analytics dashboards

Let us know if there are any features you’d love to see on Upflow and we’ll dig into it.

Are you interested in what you’re seeing here but not yet on Upflow? Talk to one of our experts.

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