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How Veraset reduced overdue payments by 50% at the height of Covid

Veraset provides high-quality location and movement DaaS to Startup, Enterprise, and Public sector companies.

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Nicole Tilley
Director of Customer Success @ Veraset
Emmaline Swanson
Head of Operations @ Veraset

How Solar Screen reduced their 180-day past due invoices by 87% with Upflow

Solar Screen sells self-adhesive film for windows and furniture to thousands of businesses across Europe.

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Nicolas de Ridder
CEO @ Solar Screen

Gymlib reduced the time they spent doing collections by 80% using Upflow

Gymlib helps employees stay healthier and improve their quality of life by providing access to thousands of sports clubs through a single subscription.

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Agathe Leprun
Finance Manager @ Gymlib

ADYOULIKE reduced their DSO by 160 days thanks to Upflow

ADYOULIKE is a European leader in native advertising.

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Martine Plat
Finance Manager @ ADYOULIKE

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